How do I install Locked Area Lite?

Before you install Locked Area Lite you need to create a folder that you want to protect - this should be inside your public_html folder

When you carry out the installation, it will be to another folder that will hold the Locked Area Lite program files - this folder will be created by the installer, but must have a different name from the folder that you wish to protect. 

For this example installation, the folder where Locked Area Lite is installed to is 'locklite', and the folder to protect is called 'documents' - you should replace with your domain name, and the folder names with the appropriate values. 

When you first access the application in the location where you've installed the Locked Area Lite program files to, you will see a setup page. The most important option on this screen is the third option - "Member's Area Directory Path" as this sets the path to the folder to be protected. By default this is "/home/sites/" You will need to change this to use the name of the folder you wish to protect "/home/sites/". 

There other required fields - ensure you note down the values you enter into these fields:- 

Administrator Name: 
Administrator Username
Administrator Password: 

That completes the installation and provides the following urls:- 

Your member's area: 
You have no users yet so you have no way to login but it's good to check the login window does pop-up at this stage. 

Your administration panel:

Your online user registration form:

Your user account manager:

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